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OUTLUX group was established in 1995, which includes Ningbo SIMHE Intelligent technology Co.,Ltd, Ningbo OUTLUX Electrical Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang E-SHINE New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd, EICON Technology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd, Ningbo OUTLUX Import and Export Co.,Ltd and Ningbo OUTLUX Brand Management Co.,Ltd. with a total registered capital of 20 million USD.

As the upstream company of the group's industrial development layout,SIMHE Intelligent takes integrated circuit design and package, software development, and talent cultivation as its business orientation, and provides leading technologies for the group's downstream companies.

OUTLUX Electrical entered the field of smart lighting systematic solutions with smart lighting products as the starting point, and is the leading enterprise in the outdoor lighting segment market domestically .

ESHINE New Energy is oriented towards new energy power generation, energy storage and smart energy application management solutions, it plays an important role in the growth of the group.

EICON technology is an engineering company specialized in the systematic design and the implementation of lighting and energy storage solution.

OUTLUX IMP&EXP is positioned to serve domestic and abroad wholesalers and retailers, providing one -stop service for customers.

OUTLUX Brand Management is responsible for the marketing and sales of its own brand products.

The company provides customers with safe and reliable products,solutions and services in the fields of energy storage, lighting, control and outdoor camping, and cooperates with ecological partners to continuously create value for customers.

OUTLUX has been awarded ‘specialized,sophisticated,unique and new’ little giant company, ‘Ningbo Engineering Technology Center’,‘National HIGH-TECH Enterprise’,‘Ningbo Famous Trademark’ and other honors. According to the statistics of Gaogong LED Industry Research Institute(GGII), China Lighting Association and other authorities, OUTLUX Outdoor LED lighting products have been ranked the top Chinese exporters continuously for many years.

Focusing on longterm development, OUTLUX began to prepare for IPO since 2019, completed the composition of business layout in 2021. Designing of chips and software development will be the core technology of the company, while intelligent lighting solutions is aimed to pursue its growing in the market . With new energy power generation, energy storage and intelligent energy application management solutions as the main performance growth, OUTLUX will combine the industrial chain research and development, design, sales, manufacturing, installation, service to be one comprehensive group business company.

OUTLUX group plans to implement the share reform in 2023 and to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange's Science and Technology Innovation Board within 5 years with the new energy smart application management sector.

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